Caking the Cows

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The calves are weaned and shipped and the mamma cows preg tested; the focus shifts to improving the cows’ body condition for the upcoming winter and fetal development.  The moisture we have received this Fall has “turned on” some of the cool season grasses found on the range, but the cattle are largely relying on residual forage and weathered browse.  That is, dried grass and brush for the less scientific folks.  Protein is essential to a cow’s energy levels.  Dry grass alone,  does not contain enough protein to meet a cow’s nutritive needs.  So we rise early in the morning, to supplement the forage with “cake” or pellets of dried, compressed high protein food supplements.

My husband has the pick-up loaded and is out among the cows before sunrise.  He like most cowboy/ranchers is a morning person by nature and necessity.  Although, I am not as peppy in the early…

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Testing, Testing: Prep for Prime Time with a Test Blog

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Building a blog you’re proud to share isn’t just about high drama, stunning photography, or sublime comedy. You also need to love the way your blog looks and functions.

Customizing your theme, getting creative with widgets, or tweaking your settings can be nerve-wracking on an active blog — what happens when that perfect new header image is off-center? Your custom font illegibly small? Your attempt at CSS makes your widgets disappear? Luckily, there’s a simple way to ensure that your readers never see a site you’re less than thrilled with: welcome to your own private bloggy playground, AKA a test blog. It’s free, it’s easy, and it’ll let you put your best blog forward.

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Happy Halloween

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Halloween isn’t a big deal here in Australia but I wanted to do something to celebrate this day. After news that some people are STILL stupid enough to be dressed in blackface for Halloween, I figured that there are plenty of people who could use a post like this. So here is my list of expensive Halloween costumes from recent collections:

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Women Stand With Ken Cuccinelli

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Despite what Terry McAuliffe and his apologists say, Ken Cuccinelli is not anti-woman. Ken believes that women should make their own decisions, independent of the government, to excel in life. The majority of us aren’t keen on aborting children or relying on the government from cradle to grave. We recognize the danger of big government, which is why we are supporting and voting for Ken Cuccinelli.

Below is a video featuring a clip of my sister and I for our support of Ken Cuccinelli.

Polls are tightening, and this race is not lost. Encourage all of your friends here in Virginia to vote for Ken and the rest of our ticket.


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My Busy Day

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“Mommy, look!” cried my daughter, Darla, pointing to a chicken hawk soaring through the air.

“Uh huh,” I murmured, driving, lost in thought about the tight schedule of my Day.

Disappointment filled her face. “What’s the matter, Sweetheart?” I asked, entirely dense.

“Nothing,” my seven-year-old said. The moment was gone. Near home, we slowed to search for the albino deer that comes out from behind the thick mass of trees in the early evening. She was nowhere to be seen. “Tonight, she has too many things to do,” I said.

Dinner, baths and phone calls filled the hours until bedtime.

“Come on, Darla, time for bed!” She raced past me up the stairs. Tired, I kissed her on the cheek, said prayers and tucked her in.

“Mom, I forgot to give you something!” she said. My patience was gone.

“Give it to me in the morning,” I said, but she…

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Some Good News, Some Bad News

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It’s been an interesting week. New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation on Monday that will recognise models under 18 as child performers, entitling them to all sorts of legal protection. That’s really good news. However, just a couple of days later, Conde Nast announced that it will be discontinuing its internship program in 2014 after two former interns sued the publisher for violating labour laws. That’s really bad news. It’s also been confirmed that Jil Sander will be stepping down from her eponymous brand for the third time. I’m not sure if this is good news or bad news just yet.

My philosophical preference is to always begin with good news, so let’s talk about this new legislation. The New York law states that:

  • models have a strict curfew of midnight on a school night
  • models must have at least 12 hours break in between each job
  • designers will…

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